Pray for the Nation re: Antifa preps for violence Nov 4th 2017 and beyond

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Once again time for serious spiritual warfare and prayers against violence and destruction.


Three Days To Go: What’s Your Plan?

Recommended: look up what may be happening in your town by way of riots/protests. Gather with one or two others. Remember: God doesn’t need numbers; even just two will do because Jesus is there as well. Best to remain small, as many protesters/rioters are on the edge, it seems, of rage flares.  That said, Nehemiah did most of his preliminary work by himself: discerning the need, praying for the timing of it all, gathering support and supplies, and once in Jerusalem, traveling the perimeter of the city to ascertain what the needs were at each portion of the damaged wall.

It might be helpful to ask some who might be participants, for particulars, just to know how to pray with greater specificity, but that is not really even necessary. Just follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit on how to pray for wisdom and protection. For surely, “greater is He in us than He who is in the world.” And at all times remember the real force of evil that Jesus defeated on the cross. We are in reality in a spiritual mop-up campaign, but such campaigns still need wise and judicious planning and follow-through. My prayer partners and I will be walking around our local protest zone Saturday, the day before, for a little while, interceding. What’s your plan?

Why “Nehemiah 3”?

Since I first read about the project the Lord gave the prophet Nehemiah who was tasked with rebuilding the damaged wall around Jerusalem (back in 445-444  B.C.)  I have been impressed by how this cup-bearer to King Artaxerxes of Persia went about accomplishing all that he had to do. Several of his strategies came to mind when I thought about this blog which I believe is a call to action to God’s people today to do a little reparative as well as preventative work in each our own corner of the world:

  1. I once calculated that from Nehemiah’s first awareness of the job until its completion (at which point he went back to cup-bearing) he spent about twice as long preparing as he did actually overseeing and participating in the re-building. Intercessory prayer takes planning as well, and often starts long before an event in need of intercession takes place.
  2. Nehemiah had many enemies as do all those who take a stand, including a spiritual stand in intercessory prayer, yet he and the other re-builders worked on with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. Christians today have plenty of resistance as well, yet here is one thing we can do that is quiet, private, or done with discretion while still accomplishing mighty things–with others or alone in a prayer closet.
  3. During the planning and rebuilding process–and this was what impressed me the most about Nehemiah and his wall-building strategies–Nehemiah assigned those who either lived near the section of the wall in need of repair to work on that specific piece, or those who had some investment in it. Thus the wisdom of “praying local” as well as “global,” as it were, for who knows better about the specific needs than those who live right there? Oh, and that strategy is featured in chapter 3.

Intercession Alert

This summer, 2017, is projected to be a hot one, so “they” say, not just temperature-wise, but protest/riot-wise. Many Christians are sensing a call to intercessory prayer as never before, focusing on our homes, workplaces, public squares, and nation(s).

You, too?

Of course there are good causes to rally for and bad causes against which to protest, but as anybody who has been paying attention to the state of disarray in our nation and in the world in the past few years has noticed, a kind of tipping point from reason to chaos has been taking place.

Whether this mayhem has been ginned up on purpose or as a result of faltering leadership or by a society fraying at the edges, you decide. But the reality is, there is a level of seemingly unprecedented danger.

What inspired me to start this blog was another blog post I found on the Internet. With permission, I have copied the entire post, below.

So if you want to join many other believers who want to not only pray for protection but also hinder the “dark side” that seems to have been spreading at a rapid rate of hate, of late, please join this intercessory movement. It is detailed in the “About” section. It involves praying, singly or with others (remember, Jesus said it starts with as few as two for Him to “be in our midst“).

And it includes updates from all of you, as well,  on the “Intercessory Alerts,” “Intercessory Events,” and “Praise Reports (for faith-building)” pages.

I urge you to start interceding now in anticipation of not only this summer’s protest plans but also for every single day forward.

These are challenging times, brothers and sisters.

You know it.

We all know it.

But God knew it first and foretold “such a time as this” through his prophets of old and his people today.

Time to “armor up” in the spirit and join the Nehemiah 3 Prayer Project–don’t you think?

Join me…

The Post

(copied with permission)


In 42 days, anti-Trump devotees plan on protesting him and his administration in as many cities as they find a venue. Read about it here.

Judging by the chaos that has occurred at such events in recent months (spurred on largely by the so-called “black bloc” of outside agitators who have co-opted such “protests” and turned them into occasion of violence and vandalism), this is a call out for prayer warriors to cover the events beforehand and during. Attend the actual events at your own risk, but certainly operate in discernment and dissociate from all violence.

Suggestions include “spiritual warfare” from near or far beginning now. Additionally, organizing with one or two other like-minded pray-ers to “pray the perimeter” of the venues in days/weeks prior, asking for God’s protection for all participants and for Him to thwart the plans of any who, as some believe, might actually want the violence  in order to gin up the kind of  “crisis” that will necessitate martial law and the suspension of everyone’s freedom of expression–and legitimate, peaceful protest.

This goes for every political stripe–left/right/moderate.

I plan on updating information as I see it; however, I am sure everyone interested will be hearing more and more, too, as the day draws closer.